A Guide To Home Theater Set up

Organizing your home theater set up can be a tough task particularly if you are new to the experience.
Does it require a little thought? It sure does and the the last thing you need is to re-organize everything once you’ve set it all in place simply because you didn’t take a little extra care in the initial set up.

Viewing Distance

Many don’t pay much attention to tv viewing distance or where the speakers should go. The fact is, proper placement can enhance your whole viewing and listening experience so this is very important.
Television viewing distance has changed a little with the introduction of high definition. Our rule of thumb is at least two times the diagonal length of the television however, you may want to experiment by either shortening or lengthening this. Speakers

Speakers are another matter. In some instances, speakers are given first consideration however, we like to place our tv screen first and then work around it. The tv screen size can have a significant bearing on how wide apart you place the speakers.

Room size is going to play an important part in home theater set up and be warned, you may not have the option of placing your speakers at their desired placement. One thing to avoid is placing speakers hard up against a wall and depending on room dimensions, they should be at least a couple of feet from the wall.

This is important for front speakers. Speaker placement will depend on how elaborate your system is and if you are a complete novice it will be worth the cost and effort to seek extra professional advice.
Remember, home theater set up isn’t just about viewing distance and speaker placement. It’s also about furniture placement, room light, cable and wiring needs and power source.

If you don’t have the luxury of starting a room from scratch and want to transform an established area of your home then consider getting some expert advice. Cost aside, it will save you a lot of frustration in the long run!
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