Bamboo Flooring - The Secret To Keeping Your Bamboo Floor In Top Condition

You’ve installed your bamboo flooring and it’s the best decision you’ve made both from an environmental and cost effective viewpoint.

Given the fact bamboo flooring is actually harder than traditional wood surfaces doesn’t mean you can treat it with less respect.

Caring And Maintaining Your Bamboo Floor

The following are simple maintenance tips you can use to stop your floor from losing it’s shine.

1. Avoid getting foreign substances onto your bamboo flooring. Unavoidable grit and grime will sometimes occur but using doormats and rugs is a great way to catch the initial onslaught as a person walks into a house.

2. Clean your floor on a regular basis. Broom or a vacuum is fine. Try to use soft brushes on either cleaning instrument to avoid scratching the surface.

3. If some spots require wet cleaning then apply a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid at all costs in using abrasive cleaning cloths as this will scratch your surface. The same applies to detergents. Some detergents contain corrosive ingredients and these are the ones you need to avoid. Your bamboo floor will thank you for it.

4. Continually using water to clean your floor is being excessive. Normally, water and bamboo go hand in hand but in a flooring situation, it’s best if water is kept off the floor on most occasions. In a spill situation, grab a soft sponge and simply soak up the water before going over it with a dry cloth.

5. People traffic is no problem with your bamboo flooring however, some shoes just weren’t meant to make contact with it. Also, be careful with furniture legs too. Tables, chairs and longe chairs with legs can often leave an imprint in any flooring over time. Try placing small pieces of carpet between the leg and the floor to avoid direct contact.

6. Depending on where your floor is laid, avoid exposing it to any harsh natural elements. For example, long periods of sunlight could affect you bamboo flooring. This should not be a problem deep within a house but surfaces exposed to large entrance ways may face problems.
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