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People from all walks of life enjoy gardening. This is because it is such a lot of fun to do. There is plenty of versatility with gardening. Even if you have a tiny garden or only window boxes, this is better than nothing. You can spend as much or as little time as you have available on this exciting pastime.

Why Gardening is a Great Hobby

Gardening can be very therapeutic and stress-relieving. It is a lot of fun to start from scratch and see great results after a while. You can choose what to grow, whether you prefer flowers, herbs, trees (these take longer to grow, of course!), aquatic plants if you have a pond or even vegetables.

What To Grow

The best things to grow really depend on the space you have available, the climate where you are, your budget and how much spare time you have for your gardening hobby. If you are a complete novice, it is a good idea to browse online, buy a gardening book or ask friends, family or at the gardening center for tips. Some plants are easy to grow and others are best left to the experts.

Examples of plants that are quite easy to grow include herbs and spices (which are also useful!), lilies, tulips, daffodils and almost all bulb flowers. Even onions are easy to grow and can give beautiful flowers. Some varieties of fuschia are simple to grow, such as the Magellanica, and are stunning when they flower.

Grow what you like to see or what you like to eat. There is little point in growing, for example, winter cabbage (even though it looks very pretty in the frost) if nobody you know eats it.
A very good idea is to wander around the other gardens in your neighborhood and see what your neighbors are growing. This is a good way of getting to know other gardening fans and getting some useful tips.

Some Dos and Dont’s

First of all, don’t be overly ambitious! If you don’t have a lot of gardening experience, start off with a simple project – perhaps some bulbs or a couple of herb varieties. If you try to do too much, you will find gardening stressful rather than stress-relieving!

Ask for help if you need it. Gardeners take great pride in their plants and most will be delighted to pass on a few tips. You can also consult the internet or buy a gardening guide book (one especially for beginners if you are new to gardening).

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Make sure you read the back of the packet of seeds and follow them to the letter. If the sowing season has passed, don’t risk planting the seeds anyway because they probably won’t survive or turn out well. Follow the instructions as to how much water and fertilizer the plants need and whether they prefer sun or shade. Make sure the seeds you buy suit the climate you live in.
If you follow the above tips, gardening should turn out to be a wonderful, relaxing and highly enjoyable hobby!
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