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Carports make a wonderful addition to your home. Not only do the add value but, if done correctly, they also help to beautify your house. What is the primary purpose of a carport? Put simply they keep your car looking like new by minimising the amount of fade that you get on the paint work and interior. But on top of that they also enable you to gracefully alight from your car in even the harshest of weather, whilst remaining dry and untroubled as you can empty all the children and groceries out of the car.

What to Make it From

Carports can be made from a wide range of materials. The most common one in my country is timber. It is a lovely material to work with, its light, easy to cut and can be turned and sawn to create the most intricate posts and fret work to decorate your new home addition. If you are looking for something a little more functional and less termite prone, then steel framed construction is the way to go. If can be painted with anti-rust paint, and even better if you can afford it is to use zinc-alum or galvanized steel. The steel posts can be made from either tubular steel of box sections, but the tubular versions lend themselves more easily to bending to make interesting shapes.

Batten It Down So It Won’t Blow Away

You will be surprised about the insurance that a few simple bolts will provide you. Take for example timber posts sitting on stirrups that are anchored into concrete footings. You could be cheap and drop in a couple of nails, but if you use a couple of 3 or 4 inch coach bolts, or even better drill right through and use a bolt with a thread and nut. Whatever choice you make, make sure you anchor all the points of weakness for maximum strength. See how at Carport.

Roofing Options

Whatever you decide to use for your roofing material will dictate the finished looks of your carport. Steel sheets are functional and strong and allow for minimal falls to keep the profile of your carport to a minimum. Conversely tiles will require a much larger fall so that you don’t get water backing up and leaking into the roof space. You can even choose some form of bituminous sheeting such as malthoid, but it’s a bugger work with and in my view look pretty crappy.

Builder Required

DIY or contract builder fro your new carport? For me it’s a no brainer. If you are anything like me a DIY project can take years to finish, so if you want it done quickly a builder is the safest and quickest way to go. Whatever choice you make please ensure you check out your local building authority before building, or committing to build, your new carport.
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