Chainsaw Reviews Tips For New Users

Checking chainsaw reviews is a natural thing to do when you are in the market for a new saw.
This article is designed for new users with little experience in chainsaw use and looking for a guide which will direct them in the right direction.

The first thing to consider when buying a chainsaw is whether there is an after sales service available following the purchase. Buying a saw online or a budget model at a discount store is fine but be warned, if there is no course for follow up service then be wary.

Reading chainsaw reviews can help you a lot in tracking down a machine suited for your intended use. They can also leave a prospective buyer feeling a little confused.


Chainsaw reviews are published with good intentions and are a fantastic resource to be able to turn to particularly online however, unless you really understand anything about chainsaws, then they can present the reader with more questions than when they started to scan the review.

In the chainsaw world lies great loyalty among users; you have Stihl fans and Husqvarna fans. Then there are those who love the Echo brand and others who swear by Poulan models. For relative rookie saw users, going to a dealer’s showroom and actually handling a chainsaw is a number one priority.

- Good design
- Good center of gravity
- Strong safety features
- Light and powerful

So as far as chainsaw reviews are concerned, yes, read them but always see and handle a chainsaw before you buy. If you are still not sure whether it’s the machine for you join a couple of online forums and pose the question…”I’m am a first time chainsaw user etc. etc…”

By mentioning the make and brand of the machine you’re interested in and the level of use you intend for it, you’ll find you’re likely to get a much better level of chainsaw review from other members in their response.
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