Electric Chainsaws - The Truth About Electric Saws

The use of electric chainsaws has become popular in backyards over recent years as people looked for an alternative to the heavier more powerful gas-powered saws.

The economy of using an electric chainsaw is one of reasons many homeowners will opt for a machine attached to the end of a chord. If you intend to do a lot of work, in particular, heavy duty work then gas will be your best option. On the other hand, if pruning and trimming small branches and trees is all you need to take care of then the powered option is the best and safest way to go.

One of the problems facing homeowners is reading about the many benefits associated with gas-powered machines but not relating their use in accordance with the demands they’re likely to place on it. Spending several hundred dollars on a saw which is going to spend 90% of it’s time tucked away in a tool shed somewhere seems like an awful waste of money.

Consider purchasing an electric chainsaw if you are a part time or casual “logger.” The benefits for casual users include:

- spending less money in purchasing a machine
- electric chainsaws are much lighter and easier to handle
- cost less to maintain and operate
- are ideal for the small jobs around the home such as pruning small trees and bushes
- quieter to operate than gas which is ideal in a suburban environment
- less polution because of the clean nature of electricity while gas tends to produce unavoidable exhaust fumes


Some of the drawbacks include the power chord. If conditions have been wet the last thing you need to be doing is dragging an electrical chord around no matter how well insulated it is. Gas machines will give you a lot more freedom to move around without the danger of being electrocuted.
Another disadvantage with an electric chainsaw is you will be generating less power which will mean spending extra time on a job. Also, the less power generated means the saw won’t be as strong on a job as it’s gas cousin.

You will be restricted to lighter jobs. If you attempt to use it on a fully grown tree then you’re asking for trouble and compromising your safety.
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