Hot Tub Bacterium Get Rid Of the Dirty Water

Most people buy Hot Tubs for relaxation and their therapeutic value, but without regular, proper maintenance hot tub bacterium can form and could make you sick or cause skin rashes.

Mycobacterium avium, a member of the bacteria family, which causes tuberculosis, although not usually contagious, has found a pleasant neighborhood in a hot tub. It is one the Hot Tub Bacterium found to be present in tubs, which do not have a regular cleaning schedule followed.

Since chlorine loses most of its benefits for bacteria control in water over 80 degrees, these hot tub bacterium thrive in the dirty hot water of a hot tub. They will rise to the surface in the bubbles form by the circulating jets and when they bubbles pop open it is released into the air and inhaled by persons in the tub. Article on: Hot Tub Chemicals.

Signs you have been infected by this hot tub bacterium include difficulty breathing, a wet-sounding cough, tightness in the chest and fatigue. A doctor usually prescribed staying out of the offending hot tub while treating the patient with steroids and, in severe cases, an external oxygen supply.

Skin Rash A Sign Of Bacteria Problem

Folliculitis is an infection to the hair follicles with many different strains, but the most common, referred to as hot tub Folliculitis is caused mainly by immersion in a hot tub, which is not under a regular cleaning schedule. This hot tub bacterium is not normally contagious but can be very uncomfortable.

It is generally more prevalent in children, who tend to stay in a hot tub longer, and outbreaks can be experienced anywhere on the body which was in the contaminated water. However, this hot tub bacterium usually shows up on the skin which was covered by a swim suit or other clothing. The infection can show up anywhere from a few hours to several days after exposure.

Since this hot tub bacterium can not survive in a dry atmosphere, the pustules will usually disappear on their own over time, vinegar compresses applied for 20 minutes every two to four hours, sulfide creams and in some cases oral antibiotics can ease the effects.

To remove this hot tub bacterium from the source, the hit tub will need to be drained and properly and thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with chlorine or other suitable sanitizer. When refilled, proper care must be taken to insure the hot tub bacterium does not have the opportunity for regrowth.
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