Improve The Value Of Your Home: Start With The Bathroom

Making space in small bathrooms can be helped along with the use of corner bathroom vanities. These are available in stylish options that help you make the most of your bathroom layout. If you are working with very little room or if you just have a strange layout that you have to work around, corner bathroom vanities can help you to utilize the space that you have available while offering you a useful and needed piece of bathroom furniture. Corner bathroom vanities are available in different styles, some are even corner shaped.


The main feature that makes corner bathroom vanities attractive is their compact style. Instead of using a larger vanity that takes up the space in your bathroom these have a more compact style. You can install a corner bathroom vanity in a very small amount of space and not make the room look more cramped. This is a great feature for half baths and bathrooms in studio or small one bedroom apartments.

Many different styles available

You might think corner bathroom vanities only come in one style, but you would be mistaken. These are actually available in many different styles and materials. There are stylish modern vanities as well as old fashioned wooden vanities or even a traditional sink with a small cabinet that is cut to fit in the corner. There are more styles to choose from than you would ever want to pick through. Choosing an overall theme for the room before you shop for the corner vanity is always wise.

Pedestal or Cabinet?

Corner bathroom vanities come on two basic types; cabinet base or pedestal style. This is truly a manner of preference and convenience. If you want your vanity to have cabinets then you have several designs to choose from that have a small cabinet included. If you are looking to save space you may want to look at the pedestal style bases. These come in many different beautiful styles, and most of them will fit in corner spaces even if they aren’t specifically built for corners, giving you a variety of vanities to choose from.

How much space do I need?

It is important to choose a vanity that will fit in the space you have available. Most people who plan on installing corner bathroom vanities already know that space is a precious commodity. Before you purchase your vanity you need to measure the space as well as pay attention to the plumbing available. Bring measurements along with you when you are making your choices. The sales staff in most home improvement businesses can answer your questions and help you choose the proper type and size of vanity for your home.

Always keep the end product in mind as you make decisions about your bathroom decor. Making hasty purchases can end up being a nightmare to deal with. Corner bathroom vanities can help you to reclaim space in an already crowded home if you plan well.
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