Kitchen Remodeling And Decorating

It’s a Saturday morning and you’re sitting there waiting for your coffee machine to stop its various gurgles and noises so you can have that all important cup of early morning coffee. Idly you glance about your kitchen and notice a fleck of paint on the corner of the door. It had been there for years but you never really took notice of it until now.

 Your gaze continues to wander and your eye gets caught by a patch of mildew seeping in just under the sink, then you notice the ugly brown color that your ceiling has turned just above where the cooker sits. The paint is faintly off color, and the lone wallpapered wall is beginning to look outdated and faded. You take a fortifying sip of your now ready coffee and decide that a little bit of kitchen remodeling is needed.

How do you go about it though? And how soon can you get into it? Now that you’ve finally noticed all the little bits and pieces of decay that you were quite successfully ignoring up until that moment, you can’t wait to get started on your little kitchen decorating project. That however is where the crunch comes in. Just how little do you want to keep your kitchen decorating project? Can you get away with slapping a fresh coat of paint on everything or will you need to go to the lengths of stripping the wallpaper off the wall, and finding out where that mildew stain might be headed.

Naturally enough it all depends on you and your budget, but if you can spare the time, energy and money, you’ll probably do better in the long run to get rid of all your problems at once. That would include stripping the wallpaper, replacing any carpeting or rugs that you might have, and perhaps even sanding down your wooden floors if you have those. If you’re fully “kitchen decorating” however then you’ll also need that all important coat of fresh paint to brighten up your kitchen.

You might also want to think about replacing those old lace curtains that you sewed yourself when you had nothing better to do. They’re also probably looking distinctly ratty by now. So go ahead and splurge on your kitchen decorating project and replace the curtains, and while you’re at it you might want to think of investing in a new set of tea towels as well. It doesn’t hurt to go all out when you can.

And when you’re finally done and can sit back and enjoy your new kitchen you can remember the Saturday morning that started it all. You’ll have no regrets however, since your kitchen decorating plan has landed you with a better kitchen than you ever expected. A feeling of contentment rushes through you as you bring your new coffee mug to your lips. Life doesn’t get any better than when you’re enjoying your efforts and labor of love.
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