Landscaping with Perennials

Perennials include foxgloves, hostas, thyme, sage, irises and bougainvillea bushes. Each of these adds a different effect to your landscaping.

Foxgloves have long rows of pale pink or orange bell-shaped flowers with a thick green stalk. They give any garden variety in shape and height.

Hostas have beautiful white flowers. Like the foxgloves they are easy to care for. They need very little water and do very well planted in partial shade.

In the Fall when the blooms die simply cut off the dead leaves at ground level and they will be ready for the following Spring.

If you need a ground cover, Thyme is a great choice. It requires almost no work. Sage, too, can be used. It adds a nice light green color to the garden and a beautiful fragrance as well.

Bougainvillea bushes can be used in a number of different zones, included the hotter areas of California and the cold winters or the Northwest. They come in different colors, are easy to care for, and are drought tolerant.

Irises have a lovely, large yellow flower on a tall green stalk that comes back year after year. These lovely plants require very little care. A little pull once in a while to tug off the dead, wilted flowers is all it needs.

Compared to annuals the colors of the perennials are sometimes less vibrant. But when you consider that they grow year after year with very little care and work they are a great addition to your landscaping.
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