Low Basement Ceiling? Great Ideas

When considering the design of your basement, the height of your ceiling can play a large factor, particularly when the ceiling is low. Basements with low ceilings pose some design problems. To start with, the area can readily start to take on the appearance of a cave. Much like vaulted ceilings make an area feel larger than it is; the amount of space may appear much smaller because of low ceiling height. Here are a few basement designs for low ceilings.

There are a few things that can be done to open the area and help to keep your basement from resembling a cave. One easy way is the use of light. If you have low ceilings you should work on opening up the area and making it lighter and brighter. Upward light will give the basement a larger appearance. Table and floor lamps do a great job of brightening up the space and making it appear larger.

Wall sconces can help if they are installed correctly. You should be careful when working with installation height. These need to aim the light at the ceiling to open up the area. Since they shine upwards, you do not want them aimed just under your eye level, obviously, because that would be irritating. A wall sconce should be at a height that will place the light above your eye level. If the ceiling is too low to accommodate this then sconces shouldn’t be installed.

Fluorescent lighting can make a basement appear dimmer and more cave like and should be avoided. Recessed lighting within the ceiling draws attention to the low ceiling and makes the area appear more confined.

Where possible, you will want to open the area up and make it appear more spacious to make up for the low ceiling. A more open look with furniture being placed around the perimeter instead of placing furnishings in the middle of the room gives a more spacious appearance. Small cozy groupings of furniture in the corners work well for recreation rooms. Any arrangement that will leave the center of the floor open, allowing guests to easily scan the room’s contents, will give it a larger appearance and make up for the low ceiling.

Dark paint will not go well with the low ceiling. You should choose a light color for your walls. Where possible, windows are another area that should be taken advantage of as much as possible. Use light window treatments that do not smother the light or block the window from view. window treatments could include stationary draperies and a valance to dress the window without covering it up. If needed for privacy, mini blinds can be installed.

Mirrors can open up a basement and make it look like there is more space. Placing mirrors on the wall gives the look of increased depth to a room. Placing mirrors on opposite sides of the room, so that the image of one mirror appears in the other, draws your eyes from the ceiling and gives a never ending look to the room.

Avoid hanging anything from the ceiling. This will draw attention to the low ceiling and make the area appear much smaller and more confined. You do not want to hang lights from your ceiling either, not only will they draw attention to the low ceiling but you may bump your head on them.
When looking for basement designs, the height of the ceiling will determine everything.
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