Bamboo Shades - Bamboo Shades Buying Tips

The prominence of bamboo product shades adorning the windows and entrances of homes in the western world has taken a real leap forward as more people realize that bamboo shades are no longer considered a stop gap measure in the home.

That window tucked away in the house somewhere and sees very little human traffic used to be the ideal candidate for bamboo shades. They were cheap and were far enough out of the way not to be seen.

The Exotic Appeal Of Bamboo Shades

Once upon a time, bamboo shades tended to convey a tacky image and they tended to be used for one off situations such as a small window in the house but with the popularity of bamboo on the rise, things have changed considerably.

The word elegant is now being associated with these type of blinds and it’s amazing how things have changed.

Shopping for bamboo product shades can be a little bit of a challenge especially in trying to decide which style looks best for your home. Shopping online is very much a favored practice today however, suppliers who provide example photos on their sites make it easy to give the shopper a first hand impression but there’s nothing like seeing the product first hand.

Style And Color

Again, deciding on a style is important. What style do you prefer? The latter is vital because there are safety features to consider. The normal style of bamboo shades is a flat appearance operated by a simple pull chord. The roman style has gathered popularity and basically derives it’s name from the roman fold applied to it.

Colors are very important and what you see on a website may vary to what you eventually get. That’s why you need to ask for samples to be sent to you. This way, there will be no arguments and it should make for a happy shopping experience all round.

How Much Can You Expect To Pay For Bamboo Shades?
It’s very difficult to give exact pricing because there are too many variables to consider such as size and quantity of blinds, additional features as well as retailers discounts.
For example, let’s take a a blind which is three feet high and has a width of two and a half feet.
While the price increases the bigger bamboo product shades become, you should benefit from discounted pricing with the increase in size.
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