Bamboo Wood Floor - Bamboo Wood Flooring Buying Tips

Even though people are turning to bamboo wood floor in droves as a great alternative to traditional hardwood floors there are several steps you should take before actually parting with your hard-earned money.

The ability to purchase bamboo floors online is extremely convenient but you still want to make sure your buying experience will be a happy one.

Bamboo is such a versatile product that homeowners are discovering it’s wonderful benefits in numbers and it presents an excellent flooring option to people who want to get away from traditional hardwood surfaces.

In fact, bamboo wood floor is actually harder than most hardwood surfaces and in most cases, is less expensive. Add to this, it’s reputation as an environmentally-friendly product and it’s hard to argue against it’s benefits.

Buying Bamboo Flooring

When shopping, the same process needs to be followed when shopping for other types of hardwood. One important addition is you should allow for wastage such as mistakes and extra cuts and order up to 10% extra.

Even if you have your intended coverage area measured to the last square inch and know exactly the amount you require, chances are strong that accidents may still occur so the extra purchase is always great to have as a back up.

Besides, if you have purchased your product online then delays in laying the floor can be avoided if the extra product is there at your disposal.

More Buying Tips

Other considerations to be made include the length of your warranty and the style of grain you choose. Many manufacturers offer varying warranties but the 10 and 25 year models are common.
If you don’t intend to replace the surface in the immediate future then the 25 version is a good option.
The look of the floor, that is whether it has a vertical or horizontal appearance depends on how the bamboo flooring is put together. The wider flat side will give a horizontal appearance while a vertical appearance is achieved when the strips are put together turned on their side.

Where Can You Install Bamboo Floors?

Most areas in the home should be fine except designated wet areas. For instance, it’s not recommended it be laid in a bathroom or laundry.

As far as an outside surface is concerned such as a verandah, you want to make sure it’s secure and enclosed. Open verandahs are still open to the elements and if the bamboo wood floor is bombarded with water then it will be an expensive mistake.
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