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A long time ago, nobody paid attention to their bathrooms. Bathrooms were simply a place to put the toilet and the bathtub. Now, though, our bathrooms are as much of a reflection of us as the rest of our homes. It is nice to have a little touch of your personality in every room. Another way of looking at it is this: you start your day and end your day in the bathroom. Why leave it untouched? Why not, instead, make it a sanctuary?

You probably don’t realize just how much of your day is spent in your bathroom. It is where you shower, it is where you wash your face, and it is where you brush your teeth. For some of us, it is where we get dressed. Obviously, it is the place where you, well, you know. And “you know” can sometimes take some time…which isn’t very lady like to talk about. Even if you are one of those people who prefers the “get in and get out” method to personal care, you will feel a lot more comfortable in your bathroom if it reflects your personality. You might not even mind having to spend so much time there, if the room feels more comfortable.

Think about the colors that you like or the art movements you admire. Do you like old fashioned things? Why not get a small antique dish to hold your soap? Are you earth conscious and passionate about recycling? A funkily painted soup can makes a perfect toothbrush holder. Do you like to read? Why not keep some magazines handy? If you like music, a small music player fits perfectly onto the back of a toilet or next to a sink.

Child Bathroom Accessories

There is no rule that says you have to do a full on Martha Stewart, but you will probably like your bathroom a lot more if it looks and feels like you. A few small photographs placed on the walls, a shower curtain that reflects your quirky personality…there are plenty of ways to turn your bathroom into the perfect personification of who you are. Even the most decorate-phobic among us can think of a few ways to show off her personality. With just the toothbrush holder, soap dish and shower curtain, you can tell the entire world what you hobbies are or what you are interested in.

If you prefer, you can easily turn your bathroom into a perfect relaxing retreat—softer colors, a few aromatherapy candles and before you know it, your bathtub has become the equivalent to the rose bath at an expensive spa, only better because when you’re done, you can watch your favorite TV show.

Bathroom Accessory Ideas

Your bathroom is just as much a blank canvas as the rest of your home. You wouldn’t dream of just tossing your couch into the middle of your living room and calling it good, would you? No, you picked out colors, hung artwork on the walls and placed personal touches around the room. Why not do the same for your bathroom.
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