Bathroom Remodeling Tips

If you want to remodel your bathroom because you don’t like the look or it is just plain outdated, then you need to know how to do it right. The wrong way can cost you money and make your bathroom a disaster area. The trick is to take your time and plan. If approached right, you will have the bathroom of your dreams.

Have you ever wondered what the top secrets for saving big in bathroom remodeling were? If so, you are in luck! Here, we will be reviewing some of the best methods to saving your hard earned cash when completing remodeling projects in your bathroom. Saving cash often takes a little creativity when engaging in home improvement projects, but it is quite rewarding in the end. Now, you can have the bathroom of your dreams for a fraction of the cost!

Top 3 Secrets to Remodeling Your Bathroom Right!

1. The first secret to saving big when remodeling your bathroom is to do the remodeling yourself! The only extra expense that is incurred in this situation is that which involves your time. If you have a little extra time in the evenings, and on the weekend, this should not pose too much of an issue. If you remodel the bathroom yourself, you will save in many areas. First, you will save the hourly rate that is often charged by contractors. Second, you will save on the overall costs that are associated with the materials for the project. Third, you will save money on the cost of the insurance that is often added in to cover the work that a contractor performs.

2. The secret to saving money in bathroom remodeling is to purchase the supplies yourself. The best way to get the supplies that you need for the work that needs done is to buy wholesale. Many times, wholesale suppliers require you to purchase in bulk. If you have more than one bathroom, or other room, that requires work done to it, this type of purchase can be extremely beneficial! In many cases, if you purchase wholesale flooring and paints, you can save as much as 75% off of normal sale prices!

3. If you have windows and mirrors that need replaced in the bathroom, there are many creative ways that you can work with what you have to save a ton of money. Let’s say that you have a mirror that is slightly cracked on the corner…you can simply place trimming around the mirror to cover the crack.
You may even elect to create several pieces of cracked mirror and create an artistic picture out of the pieces to add unique flair to your bathroom. If you have a window that needs replaced, you may elect to shorten the length and width of the mirror by covering it with decorative paneling. Many elect to place shelving in the windows of the bathroom and completely cover the window altogether!
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