Bathroom Shower Design Tips For a Small Bathroom

If you are an urban dweller or have bought a very old house you might be facing the problem of installing a bathroom shower in a bathroom that doesn’t seem much larger than a closet. With a little innovation you have some options.

Your first option is to remove the bathtub. It is usually a clunky old bathtub plus shower stall that is causing your bathroom to feel so cramped. Once you take out the tub you will have enough space to refit a large luxurious bathroom shower enclosure. Of course this means no more baths but this may be the only way to create more footage in a tiny bathroom.

Also keep in mind that if you tear out the bathtub you risk devaluing your property if you put it up for sale. This is because most people buying a bathtub expect to be buying a tub. One solution might actually be to put the bathtub in a more spacious room and make it a sunken pool in the bedroom.

Sometimes you just have an old fashioned bathtub (like the clawfoot bathtubs you see in older homes.) In this case all you need to create a bathtub shower is a long metal extension to which you can attach a fixed showerhead or one that is on a flexible hose. If because of a ceiling height restriction this is not possible you can also attach a shower spray head affixed to a flexible hose right to your bathtub faucet.

Yet another option is to do away with enclosures altogether and make the entire room into a shower. This is easily done by installing stone and cement walls and floors and including a base and drain. This is a very expensive option but the end results can be quite staggering. Keep in mind too that how you design this may affect where you place your toilet, sink and mirror as well. Most showers of these designs also have a glass or Plexiglas partition that can be installed to protect the other fixtures in the bathroom.

Keep in mind that the more stuff you rip out of your small bathroom, the more room you will have for an elaborate shower. Also the more you try to do, the more your need might be to hire a professional contractor to do the job for you.
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