Doing Home Cooking Right

When you think about your childhood, is there a special meal that brings back pleasant memories? Maybe it’s your grandmother’s famous pumpkin pie or your Mom’s mashed potatoes slopped with delicious gravy. Whatever it is, it stirs up feelings and memories that are associated with childhood and youth. Home cooking has become a culinary style that many professional chefs try to invoke. It causes feelings of nostalgia, making the diner feel happy and fulfilled. Though home cooking was not originally a specific concept, it has evolved to become a cooking style that professional chefs—as well as cooks all over the world—strive for in their dishes.

So, for home cooking, it doesn’t matter how talented you are—if you don’t have the basic cooking equipment, then you will not be able to cook anything! Cooking equipment has changed over the years, and now it seems like there are so many gadgets on the market. Some of these gadgets might actually be useful, while others might just be something extra to have on hand. Whatever the case, cooking equipment will allow you to take your cooking talent and extend it to reach its fullest potential!

There are many different cooking utensils and equipment that come in handy when you’re cooking up something special. Some of them are essential to most recipes. A good set of knives, for example, is a great tool to have in the kitchen. Spatulas, whisks, and wooden spoons are great to have in an assortment of different sizes. Measuring cups and measuring spoons are crucial when you are preparing most recipes.

Here’s a rundown of cooking utensils that you may not think are all that important, but which can make any kitchen chores much easier.

No. 1 - Tongs

Tongs are a cooking utensil you simply can’t do without. With tongs, you can push spaghetti into boiling water, remove roasted Brussels sprouts from a baking sheet, lift sausages and hot dogs from the grill, and turn steaks without piercing them. Tongs are also great for reaching wine glasses or bottles of soy sauce that hide at the back of those high kitchen cabinets. If you use nonstick cookware, get silicone or plastic tongs.

No. 2 - Wood Spoons

Wooden spoons are another of those basic cooking utensils that every cook needs. Wooden spoons can be used on nonstick cookware, cast iron pans, glass, and steel. They are inexpensive and beautiful to display.

No. 3 – A Whisk

The whisk is one of the most versatile cooking utensils ever invented. Use it to scramble eggs and keep sauces and gravies lump-free. Use silicone or plastic whisks for nonstick cookware; otherwise, a stainless steel whisk is one of those basic cooking utensils you’ll use forever.

No. 4 – A Flexible Spatula

A thin, flexible spatula is the perfect cooking utensil for flipping pancakes, eggs, crepes, and hash browns. Don’t even think about trying to make breakfast without one.

No. 5 – A Grater

Graters aren’t just for cheese any more. This useful cooking utensil can shred cheese, grate fresh nutmeg, mince a piece of ginger root, or zest a lemon. Once you buy a grater, keep it handy, because you’ll use it every day.

No. 6 – A Ladle

One ladle serves many functions. You can use it to serve soup, scoop batter out of a bowl, or add broth to risotto. To use this handy cooking utensil as a measuring cup, fill your ladle with water and pour the water into a measuring device. However much water is in the cup, that’s how much liquid your ladle holds. Next time a recipe calls for that amount of liquid, you can use your ladle to measure it.

No. 7 – A Colander

A colander is another cooking utensil you will use every single day. Use a colander to wash fresh vegetables, drain pasta, or rinse berries or salad greens or canned beans. A colander is great to use anytime you need to separate food from water.

No. 8 - A Good Knife Set

Nothing can ease kitchen chores better than having at hand a good set of well honed knives. Among the very best quality knives are Henckels Knives. Another that will provide decades of good service are Wusthof Knives.
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