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When it comes to home improvements the bathroom is often the last room that people look at, although by all rights, it should be the first! The bathroom is the room that we begin our days in and it should help set the tone for the rest of the day. Similarly, it is also a room that we use to make ourselves feel refreshed and renewed; how often have you felt so much better after a long hot shower, or after preparing for a fun night out? When people think of home redecorating, they too often think only about the bedroom and the living room and never pause to think about the bathroom. Take a look at a few plans for renovating your bathroom today and see what you can do with your own!
When you are thinking about your bathroom, the first thing that you need to think about is light.

Many bathrooms have no source of natural light at all, making them grimy and gloomy. Many people, if they have the means and the opportunity, have changed this aspect of their bathrooms around by installing a skylight, flooding the room with warm natural sunshine. If you know that this isn’t an option for you, then consider installing soft florescent lights, or something with a low wattage that will give your bathroom a comforting glow.

If you are considering redecorating your bathroom, you should think about the walls. What is your first impression of the room as you walk in? Does it feel too cold or antiseptic? Does it feel claustrophobic and busy? Taking care of your walls can help with either of these problems immensely; all you need to do is a little bit of planning ahead. What are you looking for in terms of color? Do you like a warm, sweet, daytime look? You’ll find that using a pale yellow, or mild rose or mauve or even a very pale lavender can make your bathroom feel like spring. If you prefer a cooler look, something reminiscent of the water, consider a pale shade of blue or green.

Don’t forget to think about new towels if you are tackling the walls; towels hang up to dry and make an interesting visual counterpoint to the room. Too often, people simply don’t match the towels at all, leading to a jarring clash that can be quite unpleasant. White towels will go with a wide range of decor, but they can look worn and dirty before their time. Think about getting towels that are just a few shades darker than your walls, and you’ll find that you are in a great situation when it comes to color in your bathroom.

Another aspect of bathroom design is your shower curtain. This takes up a lot of space visually, yet some people still insist on using an old one that makes the whole room appear dingy. Take some time and select a nice shower curtain for your bathroom. If you are concerned about the lack of light or space, consider a clear shower curtain. You can also get a shower curtain that is printed with a subtle design or even one with water proof pockets into which you can slide your decorations.

Remember that when it comes to accessories, you can always get them to match up to a theme. Whether you like ducks, lighthouses, horses or simply love a rustic touch, you’ll be able to find plenty of different plunger bottles, shower racks and soap dishes that will provide exactly that. Take some time, and choose your pieces carefully. While you don’t want your bathroom to be overwhelmed, you do want to carry a theme that will be pretty and entertaining.

When you are thinking about redecorating your bathroom, a whole redesign might be in order. Get your budget together and think about what you can accomplish. Make sure that you have a theme that you can live with, and go from there. Remember that it doesn’t have to be done in one fell swoop and that there are many different things that you can do to make sure that the process keeps moving along. Take some time and make sure that you like the decisions that you’re making, but don’t be afraid to make bug changes, either!
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