Using Stone in Kitchen Accesories

When I think of art in stone I immediately envision the magnificent sculpture David. This masterpiece is a staple among the history of aesthetics and the piece defines perfection. Now when I think of art in stone, I think of marble and granite in a different way.

I recently purchased pulls and knobs online through myknobs. This site offers a huge selection of marble and granite products produced by the Art in Stone Company. This company has been in business for over ten years and will be in business for years to come.

The selection is massive and there is something for nearly every taste. It took me no time at all to find the perfect pulls and knobs for my kitchen cabinets. It was great to be able to shop from home and it was even better to be able to look at so many unique and interesting pieces offered by Art in Stone.
The kitchen and bath designs are innovative and of the highest quality but the prices are reasonable. I like that I had the ability to create my own kitchen design by using their magnificent products. I feel as if Art in Stone captured my personality and chiseled it into the hardware.

The only difficult part about ordering was making a decision. There were so many options but once I saw my hardware, I knew I had to have it. There was no need to look any further. I could have spent hours on the site but that wasn’t necessary once the pulls and knobs I selected for my kitchen appeared on the screen.

I was pleasantly surprised the hardware arrived earlier than anticipated. Waiting is difficult for me and having the product in hand days before I expected was exhilarating. I was disappointed that the wrong style knob had been shipped. However, I contacted the Art in Stone Company immediately and the appropriate knobs were sent at once.

The incorrect ones were actually quite lovely as well. I was tempted to keep them but the Art in Stone Company arranged for the wrong knobs to be picked up by UPS as the correct ones arrived. This minor incident has no effect on my overall joyful experience with the company. I consider it another reason to give the business high marks.

Once I received the appropriate hardware my husband went to work on putting the whole thing together. I can’t stop looking at my kitchen. It’s hard to believe that a small detail can make such a difference in a room.
Using Stone in Kitchen Accesories Using Stone in Kitchen Accesories Reviewed by Alexa on March 05, 2018 Rating: 5

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